P.P.P. Jinadasa (Pvt) Ltd.

Flavouring / Blending

Mode of Operation

The Flavouring Machine is so designed that the shape of the drum induce motions which increase mobility of the individual particles and promote diffusive blending. The folding, spreading and cascading action of the blender provides a rapid homogeneous blending of tea. The end over and revolving action moves material in and out of a restricted area resulting in a thorough intermeshing of the products into a uniform blend. Reverse blending activated from the control box minimizes the blending period.

Batch working capacity ranges from 75kg to 225kg on normal fill level of approximately 75% of the total capacity.

Mixer's Flavouring Spray System
The spray system consists of one 4 liter pressure tank, controller & spray nozzle. The spray nozzle is mounted in the mixer's upper right quadrant near the inlet. The spray nozzle is pointed at the free falling material curtain ensuring that a consistent and repeatable area is covered and maintained throughout the coating operation.
100% uniformity.
  Ideal for batch flavouring / blending.
  Absolute homogeneous blend in shorter time frame.
  Reverse direction for better blending.
  Timing device for setting the blending time.
  Two access doors for easy cleaning between different batches.
  Easy and total discharge of teas.
  Variable speed motor for gentle or rapid blending
  Blending drum could be positioned in any direction in order to ease loading or discharge
Model Power Total Volume Capacity Range RPM Weight Dimensions Space Required
PPJ-FB2 2hp 610 liters 75 - 225 kg 30 rpm 330 Kg 1350 x 1600 x 1900mm 1350 x 1600mm
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