P.P.P. Jinadasa (Pvt) Ltd.
Selective Tea Harvester (Plucking Shear)
Selective harvesting of tea shoots leaving small shoots (arimbus)
  Increases plucker productivity
  Minimizes plucker fatigue
  Reduces requirement of workers for plucking
  Covers more land extent than manual plucking
  Enables timely harvesting of tea fields
  Minimizes physical damage to LEAF
  Environmentally friendly product with a few weeks pay-back period
  Enhances psychological status & social recognition of workers
  A great solution for worker shortage in tea plantations
Selective tea plucking
The Selective Tea Harvester is a light weight (about 350g), user friendly and a durable plucking shear ergonomically designed for selective harvesting of tea shoots without physical damage and for improving worker productivity.
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